Why You Need Patio Awning This Season

It is almost everyone dreams to enjoy a cup of tea or their work in the outdoor area of the home, but during the rainy and sunny season, it's become almost impossible to bear the too hot or too rainy atmosphere and sit outside. And that when you need to be protected in the patio area. So let's maximize the comfort of your patio area/outdoor space with amazing patio awning/ outdoor awning.

Here are some important reasons why you should use patio awning:

UV rays

We all know how dangerous are UV rays are and how strong the sun becomes during sunny days. No one wants to sit on their patio are in such a high degree temp. But with the help of patio awning, you can enjoy the moments and, you can also save your patio area and home from heating up.


Rainy season or summer season goona damage your furniture placed in the patio area. Install an awning to protect your best moment from stormy weather, so you don't have to cancel or replace the party location in the warm and summer season. Also, this awning will help you to protect your furniture from getting damaged.

Save money on energy

It is also proven that patio awning can reduce the indoor temperature by 7 to 14 degrees if we used the proper style and fabric. That simply means you don't have to use your AC on fool mode which surely leads to higher energy costs.

Now if you think that an awning is a perfect solution for all your problems with outdoor space then you contact Iris enterprises! We can provide you awning with great quality and variety in colors to protect your home and allowed you to enjoy your outdoor parties in any weather.