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We can't say all awnings are waterproof, but yes it depends on the type of fabric and coating used by the company as well as brand is the major factor to consider. One more important factor to consider is that awnings are bent so that rainwater won't stay on the awnings for a long time. Awnings are open from the 3 sides so the wind can send water under the awning/canopy.

Generally, an awning will last long till 5 years, but if you take the proper care, cleaning, and maintenance of the awning then there are more chances that it will last long up to 15 years. Awnings quality also depends on which type of fabric is used. At iris enterprises, we provide a range of maintenance, restorative services in addition to installation.

It's not very costly to maintain the awnings. All you need to do is clean the awning every month with cold water. Slowly brush off all the dirt and let it air dry before retracting. Do not use products that contain harmful acid that can damage the fabric of the awning. Also, we do not recommend putting awnings in the washing machine. It will strip out the waterproof quality of the products.
If you own the business, then awnings can create wow face people while looking at your office outdoors, it will increase the outdoor seating area. Also, awnings provide the best protection from harmful UV rays and rain and it makes the building look more attractive. Homeowners used awning to increase the looks of the home and increase the usability of certain areas like patio, window, balcony.
No, you do not need to do any specific preparation on the wall before installing an awning, but yes the wall must be in good condition. Awnings are installed using large bolts, so walls in the bad condition will not sustain so long. You need to use steel plates to overcome such problems.
It depends on the size of the awning and also, the location where you want to install it. The overall time we need installed awning is half an hour to an entire day.
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